Truck Protest Held in Sydney Harbour Bridge, Traffic Chaos Ensues

A small group of climate change protesters caused traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and created traffic jams as they demanded another aerial tanker for the wildfire season and the rehoming of flood victims.

The protest began at 8:15 A.M in the southbound city lane of the Cahill Expressway when two individuals stuck to the bitumen, while another two climbed to the top of the vehicle’s box and hung two red “Fireproof Australia” banners.

Fireproof Australia, a climate change activist group streamed the incident on Facebook live as it happened, where protesters were seen with a truck stopped in the entire highway lane on Sydney Harbour Bridge, and cars had to turn around and merge into the bus lane to get through traffic.

“Our demands are doable, reasonable and achievable. It’s time our leaders start to f*cking listen and start to protect Australians.” said Fireproof Australia in a tweet.

Fireproof Australia also threatened to return on Thursday to demonstrate in support of fellow member Andrew George, who was sentenced to three months in prison for an incident at a rugby league match.

Protesters in Australia could face harsh penalties such as a $22,000 fine, two years in prison, or both.

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