US House Democrats Introduce Bill Requiring Paid Leave for Voting

U.S. House representatives proposed a bill on Monday which will require employers give their workers at least two hours of paid leave to vote in a federal election.

Representative Matt Cartwright and colleagues introduced the “Time Off to Vote Act,” a bill that makes it unlawful for employers to discourage their workers from taking a time off to vote.

“Voting should not be a luxury that only the well-off can afford,” Cartwright said. “This bill, which ensures that American workers can cast their ballots without risking their paychecks, is an important addition to the critical voting rights legislation passed by the House earlier this year.”

The legislation follows another bill that covers broad voting rights, which was blocked in the Senate. It would have established minimum election standards to make voting more convenient in many areas by allowing requests for mail-in ballots and early voting, among other measures.

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