San Francisco Police Pull Over Driverless Vehicle

San Francisco police officers stopped a self-driving Cruise vehicle without a driver and passengers due to a headlight issue.

A video of the incident on Instagram from Brandon Melim showed the officer peering in the driver’s side window for a few seconds and then returning to his cruiser. 

“Ain’t nobody in it,” a bystander said in the video.

The self-driving car then pulled away and passed through an intersection, and returned again to the side of the road.

Melim said he and the other bystanders thought they saw the Cruise car evade police after getting pulled over.

“I think they might have been embarrassed because a lot of people were looking at them at the time, or they just thought the entire situation was funny,” Melim said.

San Francisco police officers had pulled the self-driving car over because its headlights were off after 10 PM.

Cruise is a San Francisco-based company that focuses on self-driving cars.

Cruise confirmed that the vehicle is part of its driverless ride-hail service, which only operates at night between 10 PM and 5 AM. 

Cruise said the vehicles’ headlights were off due to a human error, and they have resolved the issue.

Cruise said on Twitter that they work closely with the San Francisco Police Department on how to interact with the self-driving vehicles and have dedicated phone numbers for them to call.

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