Russia Uses Weapons Smuggled From Iraq in Ukraine War

Russia is reportedly receiving munitions and arms from Iraq to aid its faltering campaign in Ukraine, The Guardian reported sources in Iranian-backed militias as saying.

The arms are being smuggled through Iranian networks, which support many of the militias in Iraq, according to the report, adding weapons that have been sent from Iraq to Russia include RPGs, anti-tank missiles and rocket launcher systems designed by Brazil.

Iranian weapons such as the Bavar 373 missile system and the S-300 missile defense system that was initially sent to Iran by Russia are also being transported to Moscow by Tehran, the report furthered.

Russia appears to be looking to allies in the Middle East such as Iran and Syria to help circumvent stringent economic sanctions imposed in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Spokesperson to Iraq’s border-crossing authority, Ali al-Qasi rejected the Guardian’s report saying “any remarks about smuggling weapons and ammunition via our borders are unfounded and false.”

“There are security forces stationed at the border-crossings. The border-crossings are sealed to hinder the smuggling of any illegal material,” al-Qasi said.

Moreover, US officials have also said that Russia has asked China for military-grade weapons and aid in support of its Ukraine operation.

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