Google Sues Cameroonian Man for Massive Puppy Fraud Scheme

Mega tech company Google filed a lawsuit against a guy who allegedly used the company’s services to defraud thousands of would-be pet owners out of money for non-existent basset hound puppies.

Nche Noel Ntse of Cameroon was accused of breaking Google’s terms of service by exploiting its platforms to engage in a massive “puppy fraud” conspiracy, according to the lawsuit.

Google claimed that Ntse utilized dozens of false Google accounts to transmit bogus promises of sending basset hounds to customers using various of its services, including Gmail and Google Voice, and even though Ntse was paid by the victims, he did not deliver any puppies in return which is a breach of the company’s terms of service.

The alleged con targeted elderly individuals looking for a pet to help them cope with the loneliness brought by the pandemic

According to Google Search Trends, searches for “Adopt a Dog” spiked during the onset of the epidemic, with 70 percent of Americans owning a pet by the end of 2020.

Ntse’s illegal activities also caused Google financial harm, according to the lawsuit, “including by interfering with Google’s relationships with its users (and potential users), harming Google’s reputation, and forcing Google to expend substantial resources in excess of $75,000 to investigate and remediate defendant’s harmful activities.”

“We’re taking proactive action to set a legal precedent, protect victims, disrupt the scammer’s infrastructure, and raise public awareness. Of course, legal action is just one way we work to combat these types of scams,” said Albert Shin Google’s Manager for CyberCrime Investigation Group and Mike Trinh, a senior counsel in a blog post from Google’s The Keyword.

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