Etsy Vendors Strike Over Fee Hikes

Etsy sellers have closed shops for the week and went on strike. after the marketplace announced it would increase the 5% transaction fee for sellers to 6.5%.

“Etsy’s last fee increase was in July 2018. If this new one goes through, our basic fees to use the platform will have more than doubled in less than four years. These basic fees do not include additional fees for Offsite ads – which started during the first wave of the pandemic,” said a petition started by organizer Kristi Cassidy. 

According to the petition, Etsy pushes advertising costs onto their sellers through the Offsite Ads program while a 15% fee is charged to sellers who have  not earned more than $10,000 in a year and could not be allowed to opt out. 

Etsy also reportedly caused more problems with the Star Seller Program by interfering with customer engagement. 

“It’s like they’re trying to be Amazon, and there’s a reason why I don’t sell my products on Amazon,” said Cassidy. 

The petition demanded that Etsy should cancel the fee increase, crack down on Resellers, remove “Golden” Support Tickets, end the Star Seller program, and allow sellers opt out of Offsite Ads.

Currently, there are 63,535 signatories in the petition.

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