Guangzhou, China Closed off As COVID-19 Cases Mount

China’s manufacturing hub, Guangzhou, was closed to most arrivals as China faced a COVID-19 surge in its big eastern cities.

Guangzhou, a metropolis of 18 million and home to many top companies and the busiest airport, had only 27 reported cases on Monday.

However, primary and middle schools reverted to online classes after authorities detected 23 local infections last week.

Earlier, authorities said they would begin citywide mass testing, prompting the conversion of an exhibition center into a makeshift hospital.

City Spokesperson Chen Bin said only citizens with a “definite need” to leave Guangzhou can do so, and only if they test negative for the virus within 48 hours of departure.

Meanwhile, Shanghai has brought in thousands of additional health workers from other cities, provinces, and the military due to the surge in cases.

China is still mostly closed to international travel, even as most of the world has sought ways to live with the virus.

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