Shanghai Cracks Down Rumors On Extended Lockdown

Shanghai cyber watchdogs said they would subdue rumors online about the city’s extended COVID-19 lockdown.

Shanghai office of the Cyberspace Administration of China said people have been spreading rumors on the messaging application WeChat, accusing the armed police of taking over the city, and the government of suspending group buying.

Shanghai police denied the claim, which was allegedly fabricated by a 35-year-old man. The police is currently investigating the accused.

The cyber administration also warned WeChat group chat organizers and members to obey the law and regulations online.

The rumors surrounding the extended lockdown mounted speculations and anger among Shanghai residents living in lockdown because of the Omicron outbreak.

Last month, Shanghai denied the rumors about the city entering a lockdown. On March 28, the government imposed a two-phase lockdown, which was supposed to end on April 5. Shanghai has extended the lockdown indefinitely as a response to the soaring number of COVID-19 cases.

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