Russian Oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev Charged with Violating US Sanctions

Russian Oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev was charged by the US Department of Justice with conspiracy to violate United States sanctions and violations of United States sanctions in connection with his hiring of an American citizen on Wednesday.

The indictment came after Maloyefev was put on trial for the employment of an American citizen, Jack Hanick, in 2013 to work for Malofeyev’s Russian television network, and illegally transferred a $10 million US investment to a business associate in Greece.

United States Attorney Damian Williams announced the issuing of a seizure warrant for Malofeyev’s Texas Bank investment, which was converted by the Texas Bank in 2016 to cash stored in a blocked United States bank account, along with the unsealed Indictment.

Malofeyev remains uncaught and is thought to be in Russia in evasion of the maximum penalty for each of the two sanctions charges in the indictment, which is 20 years in prison.

“Konstantin Malofeyev is closely tied to Russian aggression in Ukraine, having been determined by OFAC to have been one of the main sources of financing for the promotion of Russia-aligned separatist groups operating in the sovereign nation of Ukraine. The United States sanctions on Malofeyev prohibit him from paying or receiving services from United States citizens, or from conducting transactions with his property in the United States,” said Williams.

Williams also announced the seizure of Malofeyev’s US investment along with the indictment.

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