New York Attorney General Letitia James Seeks to Hold Donald Trump in Civil Contempt

New York Attorney General Letitia James on April 7 has sought to hold former President Donald Trump in civil contempt over his refusal to turn over documents despite a previous court ruling.

In court filings, James’ office said that Trump failed to  comply with a court order to produce subpoenaed documents as part of its civil tax fraud investigation into his company.

James also requested the New York County Supreme Court judge that Trump be fined $10,000 a day until he turns the documents over.

“The judge’s order was crystal clear: Donald J. Trump must comply with our subpoena and turn over relevant documents to my office,” James said in a statement.

“Instead of obeying a court order, Mr. Trump is trying to evade it. We are seeking the court’s immediate intervention because no one is above the law,” James further said.

Additionally, James also asked the judge to award legal fees for extra costs stemming from Trump’s efforts to stonewall the investigation.

Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba said in a statement that they will “adamantly oppose the frivolous and baseless motion filed by the Attorney General’s office today.”

“Our client has consistently complied with the many discovery requests served by the Attorney General’s office over the years,” Habba also said.

In February, a New York judged ordered Trump to personally turn over the documents.

Trump was initially ordered to produce the documents by March 3, but his lawyers asked for more time.

According to the court filings, James’ office extended the time to March 31, which Trump agreed to and “never sought to challenge this aspect of the order on appeal.”

However, when March 31 arrived, Trump raised new objections and stated that he would not turn over the documents.

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