Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabia Return Ambassadors to Lebanon

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on Friday announced a return of their ambassadors to Lebanon as part of easing tensions following rift over growing influence of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah movement.

Saudi’s Foreign Ministry announced the return of the ambassador to the “sisterly Republic of Lebanon,” in response to “calls and appeals of the moderate national political forces in Lebanon.”

“Lebanon also agreed to stop all political, military and security activities affecting Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab nations,” the ministry said in a statement.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati in a tweet post welcomed the move, saying that Lebanon was “proud of its Arab affiliation and upholds the best relations with Gulf States”, describing them as pillars of support.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s foreign ministry issued a statement similar to Saudi Arabia and said that the envoy would return to Lebanon before the end of the week.

Lebanon Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants on Friday welcomed the return of the Kuwaiti Ambassador as sign of normalization of ties

“We highly appreciate all the efforts exerted by Kuwaiti diplomacy to build bridges of dialogue and communication with our brothers in the Gulf countries,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Lebanon and Kuwait have a long history of honorable stances and mutual respect, and we take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the constructive Kuwaiti role aimed at maintaining and strengthening relations between all Arab brothers,” the statement added.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states were once considered as generous donors for the government of Lebanon, but relations have been strained for years over growing influence of Hezbollah movement.


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