US to Build Largest 3D Printed Structures in the West

The US Department of Defense (DOD) announced that they will use 3D printing technology to build three training barracks in Texas.

Estimated to be more than 5,700 square feet each, the three training barracks will be used by military personnel stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas, and are set to become the largest 3D printed structures in the Western hemisphere.

Spearheaded by the Defense Innovation Unit, the barracks will be the first 3D-printed structures to meet the Department of Defense’s Unified Facilities Criteria for additive concrete construction.

Army Lt. Gen. Doug Gabram, commander of U.S. Army Installation Management Command said that “Constructing facilities using this cutting-edge technology saves labor costs, reduces planning time, and increases the speed of construction of future facilities.”

Previously, The Texas Military Department also worked with ICON to design and 3D print a unique training barracks at the Camp Swift Training Center in Bastrop, Texas, in 2021.

According to ICON, the material used for 3D printing the barracks “Can withstand extreme weather and greatly reduce the impact of natural disasters, while providing maximum efficiency. It can be printed at high speeds while retaining form, enabling structures to be built faster while keeping construction projects on schedule and on budget.”

The project is estimated to be completed within 10 months.

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