Russian Forces Sink Dominican Cargo Ship

A Dominican cargo ship sunk while at berth in the port of Mariupol in Ukraine after Russian armed forces fired two missile attacks, the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration reported.

The Russian armed forces heavily fired upon the cargo vessel Azburg a day after the missile attack, the maritime administration said.

A member of the ship’s crew was wounded and was given medical assistance later. Other crew members managed to evacuate to neighboring vessels. 

Dominica Maritime Administration said that the attack risked the lives of the ship’s crew. The missile attack may have traumatized not only the crew members but also those that have witnessed the attack, it added.

“The immediate evacuation of all civilians from the port of Mariupol, including the entire crew of MY Azburg, should be organized with the highest degree of priority and urgency,” Dominica Maritime Administration said.

The maritime administration has urged the Russian Federation to withdraw from Ukraine and to comply with the relevant international treaties and conventions. It also appealed to the United Nations and other governments and industries to take immediate actions to address the incident.

Reports said that Azburg arrived in Ukraine on February 23, a day before the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The ship had not departed Ukraine since then because of port closure.

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