Doraemon Co-creator Fujiko A. Fujio Dies at 88

Fujiko A. Fujio, the co-creator of the iconic manga series Doraemon, has died at age 88 on Thursday.

Fujiko A. Fujio, whose real name was Motoo Abiko, died in his home in Kawasaki, Tokyo.

Local police reports said that Fujiko A. Fujio had passed away when they arrived at the scene.

Abiko was the eldest son of a monk at a historic temple in the central Toyama region. But, his family left the temple after the death of Abiko’s father when he was in fifth grade.

In high school, Abiko became best friends with Hiroshi Fujimoto.

In 1969, Abiko created ‘Doraemon’ with Fujimoto, and the pair started to work together until their dissolution in 1987.

The cause of Fujiko A. Fujio’s death is still unknown.

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