Chinese Hackers Reportedly Breach Ladakh Power Grid

Chinese-state-linked hackers breached the Indian power grid near Ladakh, a private intelligence firm reported.

The Chinese hackers have targeted the Indian electricity distribution centers over the last eight months, private intelligence firm Record Future said. The hacking was concentrated in North India, near the disputed India-China border in Ladakh.

At least seven Indian State Load Despatch Centres (SLDCs) that carry out out real-time operations for grid control and electricity dispatch were the subjects of the network intrusion.

The investigation disclosed that information were collected from SLDCs and were sent to Chinese-state supported command centers around the world.

The intelligence firm also found that the Chinese hackers compromised the national emergency response system and the Indian subsidiary of a multinational logistics company.

Record Future’s report said that the hacking may have intended to gather information on India’s critical infrastructure system or to conduct pre-positioning for future activities.

Power Minister RK Singh said that the intrusions were not successful. He added that the ministry has already strengthened its defense system to counter cyber attacks.

The hacking incident followed the prolonged military standoff between the China and India. The two countries have disputed a 3,500-kilometer frontier in Ladakh.

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