Chinese Blogger Reporting Violence in Ukraine Gets Suspended on YouTube

YouTube has suspended the account of a Chinese vlogger who gained fame and death threats from Chinese citizens after posting about his life in Ukraine on Thursday last week.

Wang Jixian, a programmer from Odessa, had been sharing videos since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, where he candidly speaks about his opposition to the Russian invasion.

Wang amassed more than 104,000 subscribers and a combined 6.5 million views on the platform but has also endured repeated online attacks from Chinese nationalists who call him a traitor for not toeing Beijing’s official line. 

YouTube told Wang that his account was suspended over a March 28 video that was flagged for violent content.

Wang’s video included footage of the city with sounds of exploding missiles and sounding air-raid sirens. 

In the video, Wang was cooking in his kitchen and sharing Ukrainian state and media updates about the war.

China has not condemned Russia for the invasion, with the Chinese media presenting the West as the villain.

“I find this inexplicable. YouTube claims that my account was reported for violent content, which violates the rules, but where is the violence?” Wang said.

Wang received multiple messages before his suspension, warning him not to ‘provoke the Chinese government’ and urging him to avoid being too aggressive with his comments.

Wang said that he will not stop posting videos despite the hate he has received from trolls. 

YouTube restored Wang’s channel after a week of suspending it.

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