Afghanistan Receives $32m In Humanitarian Cash Aid

Afghanistan received a fresh batch of 32 million US dollars in humanitarian cash aid from international community on Thursday, as the Taliban-led government awaits recognition by the international community to bring more foreign aid inside the country.

Afghanistan’s Central Bank, Da Afghanistan Bank, DBA in a statement said “as part of a series of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, 32 million US dollars in cash arrived in Kabul today (Thursday) and transferred to Afghanistan International Bank.”

DAB vowed that the cash would be spent transparently and thanked the international community for the support.

According to the United Nations, more than 22 million out of 35 million of Afghanistan’s population are facing acute food shortages, and the nation would face a humanitarian catastrophe if not assisted.

Taliban group, who toppled the western-back government in mid-August after 20 years of bloody war, is yet to be recognized by the international community that resulted in reduction of foreign aid.

Afghanistan is now facing a worse humanitarian crisis and utterly dependent on the foreign assistant.

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