Uzbek Border Guards Kill Two Men in Skirmish Along Kyrgyzstan Border

Uzbek border guards have shot dead two Kyrgyz men at a disputed segment of the border between the two neighboring countries after a group of people tried to illegally smuggle goods into Uzbek territory on horses.

The incident took place late on Tuesday in Deires village in Aksy district, when several Kyrgyzstanis refused warning from Uzbek border guards, reported on Wednesday, quoting Kyrgyz Border Guard Service.

“The violators were discovered by border guards of the neighboring country 500 meters from the state border line on the territory of Uzbekistan,” the outlet added.

The killed individuals were 31 and 37 years old, and had tried to smuggle a contraband cargo worth more than $20,000, it added.

The two were born in Uzbekistan but obtained Kyrgyz citizenship in 2012, and their dead bodies were repatriated to Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday, according to the outlet.

The border guards of the two counties met today (Wednesday) and agreed to investigate the incident separately, and situation along the border is stable, the outlet added.

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