Unexploded Ordnance Kills Nearly 30 People Last Month in Syria

Nearly 30 civilians, including children were killed by unexploded ordnance last month in Syria, a war monitoring group said Wednesday, urging relevant international bodies to urgently help remove old ordnance across the war-hit country.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that “29 civilians, including 12 children, died from explosive remnants in March” and that another 29 were wounded during the same period of time.

“War ordnance, such as old landmines and unexploded IEDs, bombs, shells, projectiles, grenades, etc… continues to pose a threat to the safety and lives of innocent Syrians,” SOHR said in a statement.

The SOHR said that the latest toll brings to 73 the total number of people who lost their lives to the explosive remnants since the start of the year.

In February, 33 people, including two men and 16 children were killed in different blasts caused by unexploded old ordnance across Syria. Another 37 people were wounded during the span of time.

In the year 2021, the monitoring group said they have documented the death of 241 people, including 114 children and 18 women in similar blasts caused by unexploded ordnance. Another 128 people, including 60 children and 27 women received injuries.  

SOHR called on all international organizations to work on removing unexploded war ordnance across Syria immediately, and lamented that warring parties throughout Syria continue to plant IEDs and landmines.

These explosive remnants of war, which had been planted by military formations in the entire Syrian geography for over 11 years, have tragically killed and injured a large number Syrian people, according to SOHR.

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