Peruvian Protesters Fight with Police

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo on Tuesday lifted a lockdown he’d imposed on Lima to curb violent protests against inflation, but demonstrators have continued to clash with police.

In the central region of Huanuco, police and protesters clashed as some protesters tried to enter supermarkets and banks. 

Protesters also kept the Panamericana Sur highway blocked in the southern region of Ica.

Earlier, a protest rally near congress turned violent, with demonstrators battling mounted police who fought back with tear gas. 

Interior Minister Alfonso Chavarry warned after crowds attacked Peru’s judiciary headquarters and tried to set it on fire that force would be used to prevent violence.

Previously, the president’s cabinet met with lawmakers, looking for ways to address the fastest inflation in over two decades.

Over the weekend, Castillo lowered fuel taxes and increased the minimum wage by 10% to help Peruvians struggling with the jump in consumer prices. 

However, the measures did little to appease bus drivers, most of them working informal jobs without fixed salaries, who began a strike Monday, which had interrupted the supply of food to the capital. 

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