Pennsylvania High School Student Injured in On-Campus Shooting

A shooting at a high school in Pennsylvania injured one student on April 5 morning, according to authorities.

The victim was brought to a hospital and was in stable condition, authorities said.

Multiple shots were fired inside a school building shortly after 9:20 a.m. when classes were in session, injuring one student and prompting a hard lockdown, Erie’s Public Schools said in a statement.

Students were dismissed an hour after the shooting after police searched and secured the building, the school system said.

At a press conference, Erie Police Department Deputy Chief Mike Nolan confirmed that the suspect was a student who knew the victim.

Nolan said that the incident was targeted and isolated.

Erie County District Attorney Elizabeth Hirz told reporters that the suspect, whose name has not been released, was younger than 15 years old.

Investigators believe the shooter used a 9mm firearm, according to Nolan.

According to officials, juvenile charges have been filed.

Police continue to search for the suspect.

Erie’s Public Schools announced that school will not be in session until the end of the week, and the school will enter spring break next week.

Erie’s Public Schools Superintendent Brian Polito said they were “devastated and angered by this senseless tragedy, and we are all hoping for the full and speedy recovery of the student involved.”

“Incidents like these are a reflection of a troubling rise in youth violence in Erie,” Polito also said.

Erie Mayor Joe Schember called the incident “very saddening” and said that he was receiving updates from Polito and Police Chief Dan Spizarny.

“Schools should be safe places where children learn and grow,” Schember said.

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