More than 300 Rescue Dogs Starve to Death in Ukrainian Shelter

Volunteers of an animal charity found more than 300 dogs dead at an animal shelter in Ukraine on Tuesday after Russian occupiers left them to starve in their cages for weeks.

Volunteers of UAnimals, the animal charity in Borodyanka, discovered the dogs after they returned since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24.

“The refugee was injured in the war, but the animals were not killed by bombings. They died a terrible death without food and water, locked in their cells,” UAnimals said in a Facebook post.

Footage and images shared on social media by the charity showed the bodies of severely malnourished dogs piled on top of each other.

UAnimals reported that only 150 survived out of the 485 dogs left at the shelter.

UAnimals found another 27 animals in critical condition, some barely able to walk or even move their heads, and transferred them to clinics to receive treatment.

Editors Note: WARNING: This article contains descriptions and images that may be disturbing.

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