Michel Suggests Giving Asylum to Russian Deserters

European Council President Charles Michel said on Wednesday that the European Union should pursue granting asylum to Russian soldiers willing to leave Ukraine.

In his address to the European Parliament, Michel appealed to the Russian soldiers to stop fighting and leave Ukraine.

“If you want no part in killing your Ukrainian brothers and sisters, if you don’t want to be criminals, drop your arms, stop fighting, leave the battlefield,” said Michel.

Michel expressed his outrage toward the killings of the civilians in Bucha and in other Ukrainian cities. He urged the Russian soldiers to disobey orders, suggesting that the European Council will look into the idea of providing asylum to these soldiers.

On March 23, Michel said that the European Council, with its international allies, had imposed sanctions to Russia. “We are willing to do more to stop Putin’s war machine,” he said.

The European Union has continued its support to Ukraine. The council president said that the parliament has agreed to continue its political, financial, humanitarian, and material support to the country. 

EU has also developed a Ukraine Solidarity Trust Fund to provide both short-term and long-term support to Ukraine. The trust fund will also serve as an investment for the rebuilding of the economy of Ukraine, Michel said.

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