Germany Cancels Plans to Ease COVID-19 Regulations

Germany announced that required isolation for people who contract COVID-19 will not be lifted.

After previously declaring that the country will be eliminating most of its COVID-19 restrictions, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach revealed that they will no longer continue with the removal of mandatory isolation. 

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, Germany recorded more than 300,000 new Corona infections in a single day last week.

Despite record infections in the country, Lauterbach previously proposed a transition to a voluntary five-day period of self-isolation with a COVID test recommended at the end.

However, Lauterbach recently announced on Twitter that the transition will now be terminated.

“The termination of the order for isolation after corona infection by the health authorities in favor of voluntariness would be wrong and will not come. I made a mistake here. This relieves the health authorities. But the signal is wrong and harmful.” said the German Health Minister on Twitter.

Lauterbach also expressed that “Corona is not a cold,” and that “The mistake was mine and has nothing to do with the FDP or relaxation. It was about relieving the health authorities.”

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