Ed Sheeran Wins Copyright Case Over Hit ‘Shape of You’

British singer Ed Sheeran has won a High Court copyright battle over his 2017 single Shape of You.

Judge Antony Zacaroli ruled on Wednesday that the musician had not had not plagiarized Sami Chokri’s 2015 song Oh Why. Chokri had claimed that a hook on Sheeran’s track was “strikingly similar” to a refrain in his own track.

After the ruling, Sheeran said that “claims like this are way too common now and it’s become a culture where a claim is made with the idea that a settlement will be cheaper than taking them to court, even if there’s no basis for the claim,” Sheeran said in a video posted in social media.

“There’s only so many notes and very few chords used in pop music, coincidence is bound to happen.”

Zacaroli, said that after analyzing the song’s musical elements, he found that there was “compelling evidence that the ‘OI (Oh I) Phrase’ originated from sources other than ‘Oh Why’.”

Shape of You became the best-selling digital song worldwide of 2017 and is Spotify’s most streamed.

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