Spain Announces Expulsion of 25 Russian Diplomats in Response to Bucha Massacre

Spain announced that the country will deport at least 25 Russian ambassadors and embassy workers in response to the recent Bucha Massacre in Ukraine.

Italy, Denmark, and Sweden have joined Spain in the expulsion of Russian diplomats, bringing the total number of expelled Russian diplomats to over 120 in the last 48 hours.

The expulsions are the result of international controversy over killings in Bucha, near the capital city of Kyiv, where dozens of bodies were discovered in mass graves or littered in the streets.

The killings have been blamed on Russian troops by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, but the Kremlin has denied any involvement in the incident and said that photographs of bodies were “fakes.”

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares expressed his sentiments on the incident in a tweet, ” Unbearable images of #Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian troops, that outrage us. All my solidarity with the victims of these barbaric acts. War crimes must be promptly investigated and those responsible punished.”

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