Netherlands Opens Schools for Ukrainian Refugee Children

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education announced that temporary educational facilities for children from Ukraine have opened at various locations in the Netherlands on Monday. 

Minister Dennis Wiersma said the facilities are now available in Arnhem, Ederveen, Eindhoven, Hengelo, and Amstelveen, among others.

“If you come to the Netherlands from war and have had to leave your home and hearth, you want to rebuild a safe and normal life as soon as possible. Playing with friends again and getting lessons again is part of this,” Wiersma said.

“These temporary educational facilities are an essential addition to the existing newcomer schools. In this way, Ukrainian children can go to school again,” Wiersma added.

According to the Ministry, about a third of the time at school would be for Dutch language lessons, a third for mental well-being and support in processing trauma, and the rest for subject lessons like mathematics and science.

The Ministry also said that students could follow digital lessons from their Ukrainian schools and take their exams digitally. 

“In this way, the pupils become familiar with the Netherlands and maintain their bond with their home country,” the Ministry added.

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