France’s Far-Right Marine Le Pen Rises in Second Presidential Bets Poll

The latest polls on the French presidential elections showed that incumbent President Emmanuel Macron will face a tight race against his far-right rival Marine Le Pen.

A Harris Interactive poll showed, within the margin of error, that Macron was leading at 51.5 percent with Le Pen at 48.4 percent. Other polls placed them at 53 percent against 47 percent, and 54 percent against 46 percent.

The remaining 9 candidates for president are polling below 10 percent.

Presidential elections in France are done in two rounds. The first is for the French people to choose two candidates who will be the final contenders in the second round of votes.

Macron and Le Pen are expected to be the top two candidates for the second round, which would be a re-run of their 2017 elections match.

Macron, a centrist, has been consistently leading the polls, although his support has shrunk as he entered the race late. His far-right challenger has also gained more support as Le Pen’s focus on cost-of-living issues became attractive to French people hit by surging consumer prices.

“With a high abstention rate, which is possible, and the level of hatred toward the president among some people, there could be a real surprise,” said Nicolas Tenzer, a professor of political science at Sciences Po university. “The idea that Le Pen wins is not impossible.”

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