Singaporeans Protest Death Penalty

Singaporeans converged at Speakers’ Corner inside Hong Lim Park on Sunday, April 3, to air out their opposition to what seemed to be the resumption of the death penalty in the country. 

Kirsten Han, a prominent local activist, shared images on her Twitter account of protesters who brought placards calling out for its abolition. 

Han, in a speech she gave at the “Not In Our Name” protest against the death penalty, described capital punishment as a “brutal system that makes brutes of us all”. 

“Instead of pushing us to address inequalities and exploitative and oppressive systems that leave people marginalized and unsupported, it makes us the worst version of ourselves,” Han said. 

Last March 30, Abdul Kahar bin Othman was sentenced for drug-related offenses and to the mandatory death penalty. 

In a statement posted on their website, Amnesty International Southeast Asia Researcher Rachel Chhoa-Howard called the execution a “shameful breach of international law”. 

According to Amnesty International Southeast Asia, the last known execution in Singapore was carried out in November 2019.

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