Man Charged with Exposing Himself During Southwest Airlines Flight

A man is facing criminal charges in Phoenix, Arizona after he allegedly exposed himself and masturbated next to a female passenger during a flight.

According to a criminal complaint, Antonio Sherrodd McGarity allegedly “pulled down his pants and shorts and started masturbating” in “four separate occasions” in a Southwest Airlines plane shortly after it took off from Seattle, Washington to Phoenix on April 2.

A woman next to him snapped photos of McGarity masturbating and alerted the flight crew when he fell asleep, the criminal complaint said.

The flight crew moved the woman to another seat.

When the plane landed in Phoenix, the woman told authorities about the incident.

McGarity allegedly admitted to masturbating and that he was aware the woman could see him.

McGarity allegedly also said that he thought the woman was not uncomfortable with his behavior.

“McGarity said he thought it was kind of kinky,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wrote in the criminal complaint.

The FBI has filed charges against McGarity in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.

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