Egypt Cotton Exports Rise to Nearly 75%

The Egyptian government said they have succeeded in exporting 50,000 tons of cotton by the end of February 2022 with China and India being the main important countries.

Egypt’s Cotton Arbitration and Testing General Organization (CATGO) on Monday said they have contracts worth $285 million and they succeeded in exporting 50,000 tons, or up to 75%, of its cotton production this season.

The exports amounted to $274 million, an increase of $71.2 million compared to the same period last year, which witnessed exports worth $203 million, according to data from CATGO.

The Egyptian government’s media center had earlier said in a statement that Egypt is working hard to further improve the cotton sector in order to compete on international markets.

“The government is working hard to develop the cotton sector. There is ongoing work to establish integrated entities for this strategic industry in order to double the production capacity,” the statement said.

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