Ecuador Prison Riots Kills 12

At least 12 prisons died in a prison riot in Southern Ecuador on early Sunday.

The riot happened at the El Turi prison in Cuenca, one of the largest correctional complexes in Ecuador. 

The Ecuadorian government sent more than 800 members of the National Police and the Armed Forces in response to the riot.

Patricio Carrillo, the Interior Minister, said that the riot broke out at 1:30 AM in the prison’s maximum-security section.

“There is an organization that wants to have absolute power in the interior of the prison, and there are some cells which have rebelled against them,” Carrillo said.

The government is adopting measures to regain control of the prison.

Authorities evacuated about 90 inmates after the incident, including 10 of whom were injured. There are no reports of escaped inmates.

Ecuador has struggled to contain prison violence in the past years due to clashes between gangs fighting for control, with 320 people killed in 2021.

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