Cadbury Accused of Child Labor in Ghana Again

Mondelez International, the chocolate company that owns the Cadbury brand, was accused of child labor in Ghana.

Children as young as ten years old have allegedly been spotted harvesting cocoa pods in Ghana where farmers are said to be paid less than £2 per day, according to the investigation. 

The revelation came more than two decades after the chocolate industry pledged to abolish child labor, however, footage from the investigation showed children working on cocoa farms without any protective gear or clothing.

“It’s horrifying to see these children using these long machetes, which are sometimes half their height. Chocolate companies promised to clean this up over 20 years ago. They knew they were profiting from child labor and have shirked their promises,” Ayn Riggs, the founder of Slave Free Chocolate told The Guardian.

Ghana is currently the world’s second-largest cocoa producer and it is prohibited to employ children under the age of 13 on cocoa fields in the country.

The investigation premiered on Channel 4’s Dispatches program, where reporters posed as climate change experts were warned that children were being taken away from their families and denied access to education in order to work on cocoa estates.

Mondelez expressed that “no amount of child labor in the cocoa supply chain should be acceptable,” and promised to contribute to improving the quality of the cocoa farmers’ lives. 

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