Russian Retreat From Kyiv Leaves Trail of Slain Civilians and Suspected War Crimes

Russian troops have reportedly retreated from northern Ukraine, around the areas around its capital Kyiv, leaving dead civilians scattered around the country town of Bucha on Saturday.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry accused Russian forces of executing civilians in Bucha before their retreat, posting a footage of the suburb where bodies of people in civilian clothing are sprawled across the streets.

Some of the civilians laid dead with their bikes and some are still gripping shopping bags. Most of them seemed to have been dead and unburied for weeks, if not days.

“Local civilians were being executed arbitrarily, some with hands tied behind their backs,” the ministry wrote. It describe the scenes as a “New Srebrenica,” a reference to a 1995 massacre during the Bosnian war.

Residents from the town had reported that Russian soldiers sacked and looted houses on their way out of the area.

Russian forces had retreated from Kyiv and the area surrounding it, according to witnesses, Ukrainian officials, and satellite images. Washington has warned that the formations could be repositioning for renewed assaults.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has acknowledged the pullback of its forces, but denied responsibility for the killings in Bucha. 

In a statement posted on Telegram on Sunday, Russia claimed that its forces had already left Bucha on Wednesday.

Editors Note: This bulletin contain an image that that may be disturbing to readers.

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