Sri Lanka Lifts Recently Imposed Curfew after Presidential Residence Storming

Police in Sri Lanka has lifted a recently imposed curfew on Friday in the country’s capital after arresting protesters who attempted to storm President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s private residence amid anger over a worsening economic crisis.

Nihal Thalduwa, Police Spokesman SSP, said that the police lifted the curfew at 5 AM on Friday.

Amal Edirimanne, a senior superintendent of police, said that the police imposed the curfew within the Colombo North, South, Colombo Central, Nugegoda, Mount Lavinia, and Kelaniya Police Divisions. 

The protesters gathered near Rajapaksa’s private residence in Mirihana, and the police fired up tear gas and water cannons to break up the protesters on Thursday night.

The protesters dismantled a wall and threw bricks at police before leading to Rajapaksa’s residence.

The office of the Sri Lankan President blamed an unidentified ‘extremist’ group for creating a violent situation during the protests.

Many parts of the country are experiencing rolling blackouts for up to 13 hours a day because the government does not have enough foreign exchange for fuel imports.

There has also been a critical shortage of food and essential items, fuel, and gas for weeks as the country grapples with the worst economic downturn since its independence.

According to the police, 45 people had been arrested, including a woman who engaged in the protest near Rajapaksa’s residence.

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