Ivermectin Has No Benefits For COVID-19 Treatment, Study Finds

A clinical trial found that Ivermectin, typically an anti-parasitic drug, has no benefits for treating COVID-19.

The study published on March 30, 2022, presented a comparative result of COVID-19 patients given an Ivermectin or placebo between March 23, 2021, to August 6, 2021. A total of 3,515 COVID-19 patients in Brazil were randomly assigned to receive Ivermectin, a placebo, or another intervention. Hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir–ritonavir, and metformin were used as interventions.

Patients included in the study were 18 years old or older, with acute clinical conditions consistent with COVID-19 within seven days after symptom onset, and with at least one high-risk criterion for progression of COVID-19 such as diabetes or hypertension.

“Treatment with Ivermectin did not result in a lower incidence of medical admission to a hospital due to progression of Covid-19 or of prolonged emergency department observation among outpatients with an early diagnosis of Covid-19,” the study found.

Dr. David Boulware, an infectious-disease expert at the University of Minnesota, said the drug showed no signs of benefits.

Ivermectin has gained popularity as a COVID-19 treatment drug. A study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics in 2021 concluded that Ivermectin can reduce COVID-19 deaths. The World Health Organization, however, advised that the drug be used only within clinical trials.

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