Australia to Send Military Vehicles to Ukraine

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia would send armored Bushmaster vehicles to Ukraine after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to Australian lawmakers.

“We’re not just sending our prayers, we are sending our guns, we’re sending our munitions, we’re sending our humanitarian aid… our body armor… and we’re going to be sending our armored vehicles, our Bushmasters, as well,” Morrison said.

According to reports, Zelenskyy specifically asked for the Australian-made, four-wheel-drive vehicles, which Morrison on Friday said would be delivered to Ukraine on Boeing C-17 Globemaster transport planes.

“We need more sanctions against Russia, powerful sanctions until they stop blackmailing other countries with their nuclear missiles,” Zelenskyy also said through an interpreter.

While the Ukrainian capital Kyiv is 9,300 miles from the Australian capital Canberra, Zelenskyy said Australia was not safe from the conflict, which Putin threatened to escalate into a nuclear war.

Earlier, Morrison told Zelensky that Australia would provide additional military assistance including tactical decoys, unmanned aerial and ground systems, rations, and medical supplies, totaling $19 million.

Australia has already provided Ukraine with $68 million in military assistance, $49 million in humanitarian help, and 77,200 U.S. tons of coal.

On Thursday, Australia imposed an additional 35% tariff on all imports from Russia and Belarus starting April 25 and would ban oil and energy imports from Russia, and Australian aluminum exports to Russia.

Australia also imposed sanctions on more than 500 individuals and entities in Russia and Belarus, covering 80% of the Russian banking sector and all government entities that handle Russian sovereign debt.

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