At Least 8 Miners Died in a Coal Mine Shaft Collapse in Serbia

At least 8 miners were killed and 20 were left injured after a shaft collapsed in a state-owned coal mine in southern Serbia.

According to the Mining and Energy Ministry, the accident occurred at the Soko mine, roughly 250 kilometers south of Belgrade, when coal crumbled in an excavation chamber, causing “a sudden entrance of methane into the working environment.”

There were 49 miners present at the time of the accident, most of them from Aleksinac, a nearby town.

According to health officials, none of the injured miners, who suffered fractures and the consequences of gas inhalation, were in a life-threatening situation.

Mine director Drago Milinkovic explained that security precautions were in place at the time of the disaster, adding that “There was a sudden leak of methane and there was nothing we could do.”

The Aleksinac coal mining area is known to be prone to methane saturation, similarly, a mine explosion in the Soko mine in 1998 killed 27 miners. 

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