Arab League to Send Delegation to Moscow to Promote Peace Talks between Russia and Ukraine

The Arab League on Friday expressed readiness to send a delegation to Russia in order to promote peace between the warring countries (Russia and Ukraine) and play their role in a peaceful resolution to the ongoing Moscow and Kyiv war.  

Assistant to the Arab League Secretary-General, Husam Zaki told TASS news agency that head of Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Abu al-Gheit would lead the delegation that included foreign ministers from Egypt, Algeria, the UAE, Jordan, Sudan and Iraq.

According to Zaki, the formal talks would begin on April 4 in Moscow where the Arab delegation expected to contact Ukraine for talks later on.

Zaki said that the Arab League is eager to host a one-round of talks between Russia and Ukraine in order to help end the war in Ukraine and also to play a positive role in reaching an agreement on immediate ceasefire between them.

The Arab League is just one of many entities seeking to bring about a peace settlement to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and since then both Turkey and Israel which have good relations with Ukraine and Russia have started mediation to find a possible political settlement to the war.

Several rounds of negotiations have been held in Turkey, but all of them ended without any result,.

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