Moroccan Protestors Call for End to Normalization of Ties with Israel

Demonstrators took to the streets of Morocco’s capital, Rabat, and in 38 cities around the Kingdom to protest against the deepening of ties between Rabat and Tel Aviv, calling for an end to the normalization of ties with Israel.

The protests coincided with Land Day, an annual commemoration of the killing of six unarmed Palestinians on March 30, 1976, by Israeli forces during protests against Israeli land grabs.   

The protestors strongly condemned the government of Morocco for the two-year normalization of ties with Israel. “We will not step back from our fight, we continue our struggle to bring down normalization with the occupying state,” The New Arab quoted a protestor Al Tayeb Madmadh, who is a member of the Moroccan Front in Support of Palestine.

The protestors staged a sit-in in front of the parliament in Rabat, in which protesters from various political backgrounds, including secular leftists and youth from Morocco’s largest Islamist association, the Justice and Charity Group had joined the protest.

The protests came days after Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita participated in the Negev Summit in Israel, where he met with his Israeli counterpart.

The protestors burned the Israeli flag and chanted slogans against the normalization of ties with Israel.  

The kingdom of Morocco last year banned Land Day protests just months after Morocco and Israel signed a deal brokered by the US, and in return, the US agreed to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

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