Bezos Owned Blue Origin Launches 6 Passengers to Space

Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, Blue Origin, launched its fourth crewed New Shepard flight, a 10-minute ride that carried five entrepreneurs and the spacecraft’s senior designer to Earth’s orbit.

High winds at the company’s West Texas launch site delayed the start of the New Shepard rocket’s hydrogen-fueled main engine by two days.

The reusable rocket and crew capsule appeared to be on target to reach an altitude of just over 62 miles, just over the internationally acknowledged “border” between the visible atmosphere and space.

Three minutes after liftoff, at a height of nearly 240,000 feet, or 45 miles, the computer-controlled New Shepard crew capsule separated from its launcher.

The cost of a New Shepard seat is not disclosed by Blue Origin or its customers, although it is estimated to be in the half-million-dollar range.

The launching marked Blue Origin’s 20th New Shepard flight and the 24th non-government commercial spaceflight overall.

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