Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Signs Anti-Abortion, Anti-Transgender Bills

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on March 30 signed bills that ban abortions after 15 weeks, prohibit transgender girls from playing on school sports teams that match their gender identity, and restrict gender-affirming care for minors.

Ducey, who is a Republican and a Catholic, signed Senate Bill 1164, making it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, except for medical emergencies.

The bill does not exclude cases of rape or incest.

“In Arizona, we know there is immeasurable value in every life — including preborn life. I believe it is each state’s responsibility to protect them,” Ducey wrote in a letter.

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League Pro-Choice America called the abortion ban “unconstitutional.”

Doctors who perform the procedure after 15 weeks can be charged with a felony and have their medical license revoked or suspended.

Meanwhile, those who obtain an abortion would be immune to prosecution.

Ducey also signed Senate Bill 1138, which delays access to gender-affirming health care until the age of 18, and Senate Bill 1165, which bans transgender girls from competing on women’s and girls’ sports teams at some schools in the state.

Ducey explained in a letter that the “irreversible nature” of gender-affirming procedures “underscores why such a decision should be made as an adult, not as a child.”

In the same letter, Ducey explained that S.B. 1165 “strikes the right balance of respecting all students while still acknowledging that there are inherent biological distinctions that merit separate categories to ensure fairness for all.”

American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona called the signing of the bills “a blatant disregard for the humanity of many Arizonans.”

The signing of the bills came a day before International Transgender Day of Visibility.

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