Singapore and US to Hold Cybersecurity Cooperation Dialogue

Singapore and the United States announced a new dialogue on cybersecurity and an agreement to deepen their cooperation on infrastructure development.

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, issued a joint statement with US President Joe Biden following a meeting in the White House acknowledging the “strong and growing partnership” of the two countries on cybersecurity.

“Singapore and the US share deep mutual interests in enhancing cyber-security cooperation, particularly as cyber security has become a key enabler for both to… grow their economies and improve the lives of their people,” the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore said in a statement.

The two countries pledged to deepen cooperation on combating cyberthreats, promoting resilience, and securing critical infrastructure while leading efforts in the International Counter Ransomware Initiative to tackle the surge in ransomware attacks worldwide.

On Tuesday, Singapore and the US also renewed and expanded the Memorandum of Understanding to Deepen Cooperation on Infrastructure Development, first signed in March 2019, exploring new approaches to encourage private-sector participation in infrastructure development, like a roundtable on clean energy involving businesses from the US, Singapore, and the region.

Singapore’s Permanent Secretary for Trade and Industry, Gabriel Lim, and US International Development Finance Corporation chief executive, Scott Nathan, signed the new agreement.  

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