Russian Lawmaker Suggests Expanded List on Exported Goods for Rubles

A Russian lawmaker suggested an expanded list of exported goods, which could include grain, crude oil, and lumber goods, to be paid in rubles. 

Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, said on his Telegram channel on Wednesday that European countries have all the market opportunities to pay in rubles. 

“There is no tragedy in it. The situation is much more terrible when there is money but no goods,” Volodin said in a report by the Russian News Agency (TASS). 

Volodin added that the list could expand to include fertilizers, petroleum, coal, metals, and lumber. 

The Russian lawmaker warned European politicians to stop looking for justifications on why their countries cannot pay in rubles. 

Last week, President Vladimir Putin announced that he will refuse payment for natural gas supplies in currencies that “have compromised themselves”, including dollars and euros. 

Putin added that Russia would continue to supply natural gas “in accordance with the volumes and prices, according to the pricing principles fixed in the contracts concluded earlier”, according to a separate report from TASS. 

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