Russia Accused of Creating Food Shortage Crisis at UN Security Council

The UN Security Council accused Russia on Tuesday of causing a ‘global food crisis’ and putting people at risk of famine due to starting the war in Ukraine.

World Food Progam Executive Director David Beasley told the United Nations Security Council that the food-assistance branch of the United Nations and 50 percent of the grain bought by the WFP comes from Ukraine.

“You can only assume the devastation that this is going to have on our operations alone. It’s not just decimating dynamically Ukraine and the region, but it will have global context impact beyond anything we’ve seen since World War Two,” Beasley said.

“The farmers are on the frontlines,” Beasley added.

Beasley added that the lack of fertilizer products from Belarus and Russia worsened the crisis.

“If you don’t put fertilizer on the crops, your yield will be at least 50 percent diminished. So we’re looking at what could be a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe in the months ahead,” Beasley told the UN Security Council.

Beasley also warned if the conflict in Ukraine is not resolved, ‘the world will pay a mighty price and the last thing we want to be doing as the World Food Program is taking food from hungry children to give to starving children’.

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