Japan Pushes for Rice Flour Use as Wheat Prices Soar

Japan is pushing for rice flour as a substitute for wheat flour as prices increase because of the war in Ukraine.

According to The Japan News, the price of rice is less likely to fluctuate compared to wheat, which is imported to Japan. A major rice-based snacks producer will possibly move away from using wheat in making its bread products, the report said.

Restaurant chains like Tridor Holdings Corp. and The TamJai SamGor Mixian restaurant said they +use rice flour to make noodles. Toridor’s Executive Officer Takashi Sugiyama said that rice flour noodles may become the “fourth noodle” following udon, ramen, and soba.

Japan’s farm ministry said it will raise the price for imported wheat by 17.3 percent, with an average price of 72,530 yen or $626 per ton from April to September this year. Wheat prices from April to September will be 50 percent higher than the average product price.

Japan’s External Trade Organization said that rice flour is non-gluten and low in calories, making it a good substitute for wheat flour.

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