Iraqi Parliament Fails to Elect President for Third Time

Iraq’s lawmakers failed again for third time to elect a new president for the country due to a lack of quorum, further deepening a political crisis spurred by internal strife following general elections five months ago.

Iraqi politicians have so far failed to agree on a compromise candidate for the presidency that also prevented the appointment of a prime minister.

Media bureau of the parliament in a short statement said that the parliament speaker, Mohammad al-Halboosi inaugurated the sixth ordinary session on Wednesday morning, without revealing the number of the lawmakers who attended the session.

“Only 152 lawmakers showed up for the latest votes,” quoted a source.

But a lack of a quorum – set at two-thirds of the house’s 329 members – held up the vote for the third time since February.

Last time on March 26, at least 126 out of 329 legislators boycotted the session, and the presidential elections initially scheduled for last month stalled after most parliamentary blocs boycotted the voting session due to differences over presidential candidates and the government formation.

Under a political norm since 2006, a Kurd is elected for Iraq’s presidency, while a Sunni heads the parliament, and a Shia takes the prime minister position.

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