French Family Commits Mass Suicide, Jumping One After the Other to Their Deaths

A French family has jumped to their deaths, one after the other, from the seventh floor of their apartment in the Swiss town of Montreux.

Eric David,age 40,  his 41-year-old wife Nasrine, her twin sister Narjisse Feraoun, and their eight-year-old daughter all died after falling 20 meters from the apartment balcony while his 15-year old son survived.

Police officers reportedly tried to speak with the family at 6:15 am local time but failed to get a response. 

The Vaud regional police said there were no signs of struggle or third-party involvement so they were mulling if it was a mass suicide. 

Police added that the family was living in seclusion and was very interested in conspiracy and survivalist theories.

Only the Narjisse went outside the house while the family lived off stockpiled food since the pandemic. 

There are no motives yet for the apparent suicide while the son remained in a coma. 

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