Ukrainian Security Services Dismantles 5 Disinformation Bot Farms Since Start of Invasion

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has dismantled five Russian bot farms that have been spreading disinformation about the war in Ukraine since the start of the invasion.

SSU’s investigation showed that the Russians have situated bot farms in Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Ternopil, and Zakarpattia. SSU’s Cyber Security units found 10,000 SIM cards of various mobile operators, which were used to disguise criminal activity, laptops and computer equipment with evidence of illegal activities, over 100 sets of GSM gateways, and accounting records.

SSU also reported that Russia used over 10,000 fake accounts to spread fake news to stabilize panic among the Ukrainian citizens and to destabilize social and political situations in the country.

“Tasked by Russian special services, Internet agents carried out large-scale information sabotage to destabilize internal situation in Ukraine and assist racist invaders,” SSU stated.

SSU also accused Russia of staging and spreading videos on social media about the alleged ill-treatment of captured Russian soldiers. SSU said that Russia is trying to put the Ukrainian military in a bad light and is frightening the Russian soldiers into backing out.

SSU denied the accusation and said that Russian soldiers taken by the Ukrainian military are treated according to the Geneva Convention.

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