Plane Crashes into Mexican Supermarket, 3 Dead

Mexican authorities said three people died and four were injured when a small plane crashed into a wall of a supermarket just south of Mexico City on Monday. 

The civil defense officials said the three killed were aboard the King Air twin-engine plane, which has a capacity of about nine passengers. 

Photos distributed by the civil defense office show the airplane’s fuselage lying inside the store with scattered household goods. 

Local media reported that the plane crashed through a cinder-block wall and hit the cleaning products section of the supermarket.

The Federal Civil Protection has assured the public there is no danger amid fears of an explosion.

Before the crash, witnesses said the plane was having trouble staying in the air, saying the pilot “couldn’t control it.”

Reports said the place was a BE9L that had left from the port of Acapulco and was bound for the State of Puebla.

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